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These testimonials give an idea of what to expect from hypnosis. All comments are included with permission.

Hypnosis is not a magic cure-all, and results vary from person to person. I work at all times to present an accurate and educated view of hypnosis. Read about common hypnosis myths and misconceptions here.

“I came and saw you about three or so years ago and lost 30 pounds. I have kept that weight off… I want to lose at least 30 more pounds… Your session really worked the first time, so I decided this would be my best route. I plan on coming to see you again for other issues in the near future, Thanks John!" -Katy S.*
          “Just wanted to drop a note to you letting you know I'm doing great with the no smoking and my attitude is positive about it - even my co-workers have commented!! I have been doing my self-hypnosis about 1-2 times per day which helps.” -Stacy H.*

         “Thank you for working with [my daughter]… She was at the gym last night and did round off back handspring tucks and layouts several times with coach spotting her!! She exceeded her goal by far! I think she is on her way to tumbling again… Thank you so much for your help.” -Kelli Smith*
          “In January or February of 2007 I went to John Mongiovi for smoking cessation. What a great decision that turned out to be! Within two sessions I had stopped smoking, and I have been smoke free for over 6 months. If you are even considering stopping smoking, I encourage you to try hypnosis with John. This was a goal that I needed to embrace and that I realized was attainable. John made sure of that!!!

          The after-care I received has been outstanding. The CD’s he made for me of our sessions together reassured me that I would be in control at all times. The concerns I had about being “under hypnosis” and the loss of control I envisioned that to entail were totally unfounded... control was paramount to my peace of mind, and that goal was achieved. This was not stage entertainment and John was an absolute professional.

          If you are considering hypnosis for any reason, I highly recommend John Mongiovi for all of your needs.” -Elizabeth T.*

          “I am sleeping better more nights than not, and that’s an improvement.” -Mike Sanders*

          “I'm happy to report I'm doing fine, pretty much taking the glitches and unexpected obligations in stride and feeling calm and unperturbed as I do so. What's different than in the past is that I don’t feel this crushing sense of being overwhelmed anymore. I find myself feeling calm, cool and collected much of the time, like I'm passing through difficult but temporary situations, but not being buried alive by them.

          I have to tell you, John, I honestly believe these sessions have helped me so much.

          I feel like I've made a HUGE SHIFT in the way I respond to difficulties. I'm talking about a HUGE SHIFT. It's hard to explain, but the
changes are REAL and substantial.

          I came to you looking for REAL HELP and I received it.

          I'm hoping to return for another session soon… In the meantime, I will keep practicing all the good suggestions you made to me.”  - Faye B.*

          "I had a session with you… I am now a non-smoker. Thanks." -Kim L.*
          “You are awesome, John! I feel your approach speaks intuitive commonsense with lasting impression.” -P.V.*
          “The session we had together was so amazingly powerful that I had such a level of clarity and release of fear… It was AWESOME! I don’t doubt my energy has shifted since the work we did together.” -Carolyn Smith Ferber*

          "Seven women gathered this past Sunday to take a workshop on Practical Spirituality. The first thing we learned is that we all had one thing in common, which is either on-going stress or just our share of stressful experiences. John Mongiovi led us through a wonderful journey exploring ancient teachings of healing and stress reduction. He gave us relaxation techniques that are easy enough to incorporate in the busiest person's schedule to help reduce stress. We left the class at the end of the day with a better understanding of how to keep negative thoughts at bay and how to change bad habits over time. This workshop is truly a gem for anyone who wants to focus the mind and relax the body. Thanks again John. -Posted by National Autism Association New New York Metro Chapter; http://naanyc.blogspot.com/2009/02/practical-spirituality-workshop-with.html *

          “I will come see you again sometime; it was a good experience, and I believe you are very good at what you do… You do seem to really care to get down to the core of problems, and I appreciate all the time you gave me.” -M. K.*
         “Thank you it has helped so much I feel like a different person.” -Ethan B.*
          “The first time I met John, I had made an appointment with him because I had seen an advertisement regarding weight loss. I am a weight loss guru. I have probably lost myself three times. I had a few ideas of what I thought we could do to MAKE me lose weight. I was on a mission.

           John TALKED to me. Then he LISTENED to me. He cared about my feeling's, past and present. He has helped me heal from inner wounds that had been nagging at me for so long, I forgot that they were there. He has given me my joy back.

           John Mongiovi has provided me with the tools to improve the quality of my life. It isn't only about weight loss anymore. It is about living life and enjoying EVERY minute. It is about being conscious and whole. It is a peace that truly goes beyond understanding. It is about getting rid of guilt and replacing it with new opportunities.  It is about the improvement in my self esteem.  It is about loving today and looking forward to tomorrow.

          For me, my journey was a type of cleansing and I am so thankful to have been able to spend time with John. So, thank you John, you helped me be the person I knew was in there.  I just needed to let her out.” -Linda E.*
          The session with you was excellent… When I got home, I cleaned my bedroom, changed the sheets on the bed, put away folded laundry, vacuumed, and then sorted out some clothes to give to Goodwill. The whole time, I felt a sense of peace, focus and energy and kept hearing the words "in increments" and "no rush" and "stay focused in the NOW” as well as "Keep coming back to awareness… 

          “So, the session with you was invaluable… Thank you so much, John. This at this time in my life is exactly what I need-----honestly, it feels like a Kind Sage or a Spirit Guide or a Celestial Cheerleader is whispering in my ear that I can EASILY do what needs to be done…

          “That is the feeling that this is giving me----that I have a caring friend who is cheering me on, encouraging me in the most powerful and practical ways, telling me exactly and precisely what I need to hear to move forward and make incremental changes in my life.” -Faye B.*

          “John, Your work is quite unbelievable. It seems it stems from your educational background, talents, not leaving any stone unturned and special powers of your soul that you let flow. 

          A couple of reflections: Thanks for clearing my mind to level that is somewhere beyond my past experiences. Thanks for breaking the pieces within me down into parts that are manageable and meaningful...

          I really appreciate the extra time and effort you are spending on my behalf as a client. I have looked so long for answers therefore I will always be indebted to you and your work. That black cloud has moved on out of here and things are good. You are a hidden treasurer.” -Jack N. Morris*

          “Success! I just completed my first day at the Hospital and it went very well. I worked with all types of patients, with varying conditions, and I did not feel faint once! I also gave blood the day after we met and that went well also. Thank you for working with me on this. I am very grateful.” -K. S.*

          “John, I cannot explain how profound of an impact this session has had. I am still on somewhat of a 'high' – can’t quite explain it.

          "In a very realistic, non-magical way, I have a greater sense of calm and confidence in knowing I can be successful in this journey than I have ever had in my life, but part of that is knowing and recognizing that it is going to take work, patience and time. What is different and exciting is that I finally feel like I am going to be working on what needs the most attention - and doing so for the first time in my life.” -James M.*

          “I feel that I am turning towards a new phase in my life and am now gathering the information I need to do so successfully. I also feel your help and direction in this matter are essential elements to that success and look forward to meeting with you again for further consultations.

          “I, without hesitation, recommended that my friend consult with you.” -Julia A.*

          “I attended your class in New York City. We connected a few times by email afterwards and you gave me some wonderful advice and help. Thank you so much. It’s been a year of healing for me and I doing well.” -Nancy*

          "John, I wanted to say Thanks again for a wonderful,enlightening session. As soon as I got home, I called my brother-in-law to recommend that he see you for his smoking addiction. It is always so awesome to leave our session with such positive feelings and thoughts.

          "I know how much you helped me past my hurdles of cold calling in my business, but I'm now feeling very confident about the other issues that I'm dealing with...anxiety, fear, negativity....you name it. Through your questions and your listening to my thoughts...really listening, you have made such helpful suggestions, and I feel really good about those suggestions. I'm ready to put into practice those ideas that you presented to me. -Monica*

          "You rock and are of great service to anyone you come in contact with." -Sarah S.*

          “John Mongiovi possesses the innate ability to lift the mysterious “veil of creativity” that all too often blocks artists from expressing their best strengths, knowledge, and skills. Utilizing his extensive knowledge of music, the unconscious mind, and human behavior, John liberates the performer from the fears, anxieties, and the other mental and emotional obstacles that can cripple great artists. In today's stressful world, his talent is truly a godsend.” -Brian M. Stratton, Tenor/Music Educator*

*Results may vary from person to person.